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Reset the system for aspirational and curious humans.

Technology has incredible power to change and influence the way we live our lives and the way we work. This is only becoming more and more true as innovation happens faster and on a wider scale than ever before.

Unfortunately, the culture of technology tends to encourage only some identities, and access to education and opportunities is not equitable. We are here to combat that. We want to make sure that young people everywhere have the opportunity to wield the power of technology and pursue bright futures in STEAM.



We turn technology and leadership skills
into lasting impact.


Our core program pillars

We provide education and opportunities that equip and empower aspirational and curious humans to be successful in a tech-driven future.


We offer rigorous technical training and utilize real-world tools and skills that scholars can apply outside of class.

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We encourage scholars to infuse their own creativity and passions into their work.

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We ensure scholars have the chance to not just learn theory, but build something tangible.

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We value, train and pay strong instructional leaders to deliver our carefully designed curriculum. This ensures our scholars have consistently strong experiences and also equitably contributes to a growing education workforce equipped with the ability to teach code.

Our History


Awarded 21 scholarships to young scholars in NY to learn to code


Launch of Kode With Klossy summer coding camps. Awarded 80+ scholarships across 3 camps in LA, NYC and St. Louis


Awarded 500+ scholarships across 11 camps in Austin, LA, St. Louis, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Omaha, New Orleans and Atlanta
Awarded grants to 11 regional organizations

Our Team

The small (but mighty) Kode with Klossy team is dedicated to creating access, opportunity and equity to each and every one of our scholars. And to having a little fun along the way. ✨

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