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The winner of this challenge will receive a 4-week paid project contract at Kode With Klossy. You'll get the opportunity to work with the Kode With Klossy team to build out this annual report between late December through January.

The opportunity includes:

  • Mentorship and guidance from the KWK team to build a web page that will be shared with partners and hosted on

  • Exposure to the software engineering development cycle and pair programming with the KWK team

  • Weekly stand-ups and additional meetings to bring this project to life


You should expect to commit 25+ hours total starting December 27, 2021, to January 21, 2022. The Kode With Klossy team will work to accommodate the winner's availability to schedule meetings.

Please note: you must be authorized to work in the United States to enter

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We will be giving you the barebones of an HTML page of a fake annual report with content. The rest of the code is up to you: add HTML, JavaScript, and/or CSS to bring the annual report to life.

  • Start with the Annual Report Starter Kit and fork a copy of it.

  • Decide on which photo assets you will use from the options provided here— add as many or as few as you'd like

  • You can change anything in the CSS, add JavaScript, and/or add HTML (just make sure the initial core content given is present, but you're welcome to rearrange as you'd like)

  • Think carefully about the decisions you make. You’ll be asked to share your rationale for those decisions by reflecting on some questions in the submission form.


Design - What design choices are you making to make the information compelling?

Accessibility - What design choices are you making so that this annual report is accessible to all?

Navigability - Considering annual reports can sometimes be long, what will you do to improve the user experience?

Single page application design - The annual report will exist on a single page, so what elements are you adding to convey information? Toggle text? Anchor links? Pop-ups?

Data visualization and information architecture - How are you conveying the data and information so that it is digestible to the user?

Creativity - When we say 'creativity' here at Kode With Klossy, we mean it. We intentionally gave you a very barebones version of a website and want you to run as far as possible with it.

We recommend that scholars do not spend more than 3 hours on this submission.


Check out some annual reports from other organizations:

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