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Summer 2022

Kode With Klossy Scholar Application Guide


Hello and welcome to Kode With Klossy’s Application Guide! We’re excited to see that you’re interested in applying, and to help you with the application process, our team has provided some helpful tips and resources here

Ready to go?!


 The Application Process 

  • We estimate the application will take around  30 minutes  to complete.

  • Read through the questions and tips below to make sure your application  shines. 

  • If you aren’t able to complete your application in one sitting, any progress you make once you start will be  automatically saved,  and you will be able to come back and continue where you left off at a later time.

  • Once you have submitted your application,  you can log in to your account at any time to check the  status  of your application.


High Quality Applications

The core component of the application is  two, short-response questions.  There are no right answers to these questions. We want to get to know you and give you the opportunity to showcase your unique personality. 

 New Scholar Questions 

 1.  Why do you want to participate in a Kode With Klossy coding camp this summer? How will you use your  new coding superpower? 

 2.  What is something that you have  accomplished  that you are proud of? This can be something at school, work, personal— anything you’d like. Tell us the story behind it and why you are proud of it.

 Returning Scholar Questions 

 1.  How you have used  your coding superpowers  since participating in Kode With Klossy? and/or How do you plan to use your new skills and experience to build on what you’ve already learned

 2.  Think of a group of people who you believe would gain a lot from Kode With Klossy programming. Create something you might share with them to showcase what they’d get out of the experience. Write a letter, pen a paragraph, craft a tweet, create a meme, make a TikTok, compose a jingle, make a fan edit… the sky is the limit! Feel free to  get creative  here - all formats are valid.

​We look for scholars who exhibit the following qualities so make sure these shine in your responses:

  •  Curious/creative:  We seek scholars who will find innovative and out-of-the-box solutions to problems. Creative applicants will bring unique perspectives and experiences to camps that may push community members to think innovatively about how to use their coding superpowers.

  •  Community-minded:  We seek scholars who are team players, who are eager to join an uplifting and empowering community in STEAM. Community-minded scholars will demonstrate a desire to help others both in the KWK camps, and to engage in the broader KWK community and in their own communities at large.

  •  Passionate/Motivated:  We seek scholars who are deeply passionate. We acknowledge that this looks different for everyone, but we believe that leaders will join our community with the confidence to go after what they believe is right and to continue to use their voices to pursue their passions.


 Starting Your Application 

​​Now that you have a bit of insight into how our application process works, we would love to share some tips on how to get started!


Tip #1

Read the Application Questions Carefully

Before responding to the core application questions, read each  prompt  thoroughly.   Take time to think through your responses to ensure they are thoughtfully answering what the question is asking. Here are some strategies that can help:

  • Read each question  out loud  to process them both visually and audibly (you can do so as many times as you need)!

  •  Rewrite  the question in your own words, however the question makes the most sense to you.  

  •  Break down the question  into parts - this can be particularly helpful if there are multiple components to the question.


Tip #2

Once you feel like you have a strong understanding of each question, you will be ready to start  brainstorming  your responses! One of the best ways to begin is by jotting down any and all of the ideas that come to mind. Your brainstorm jots can be written, drawn, or in any format you would like, but don’t forget to keep your purpose and audience in mind as you write! Here are some strategies we suggest to help you get started once you read and understand the question

Brainstorm Your Response

  • Freewrite all of your ideas as they come to mind! Sometimes jotting down one idea is all you need to help get your brainstorming process started.

  • If you prefer a more organized method of brainstorming, listing your thoughts and ideas as bullet points can be a great way to start.

  • If you prefer to start your brainstorming with details, working your way up to a main idea, consider creating a bubble map to map out your process. 

  • Developing a traditional outline can help keep your thoughts extra organized, if you prefer more structure in your approach.

Once you have all of your ideas written down, sort through and organize. We recommend that you choose to expand on the stories and  ideas that most resonate with you, and best connect to the question.  Represent yourself authentically.  Choose meaningful experiences that had an impact on you, no matter how big or small.


Tip #3

Organizing Your


A great brainstorming session can lead to a whole lot of ideas and topics to write about! However, to write a strong response, you will need to narrow down your ideas to develop one strong and focused answer. Here are some helpful  organizational  strategies:

Copy of BOS-WD2-MASHA-48.jpg
Annual Report Challenge (3000 x 3000 px) (7)_edited.jpg
  • Tell a story! One way to keep your ideas   organized  is by answering each question as if you are retelling a story to a friend or family member. You can even recall your story out loud as you write, to make sure everything is being written down in chronological order. 

  • Remember to include  important details  that more clearly help your audience (the Kode With Klossy review team) best understand your responses. 

  • As much as we appreciate important details in a story, remember to abide by the  word count,  and not overload your responses with so many details that we can’t understand your overall main points. We encourage you to  respond concisely, while including important details to make your responses compelling and easy to understand.

  • After you decide what you want to  focus your responses on,  connect your ideas to the application question. It can be easy to get carried away with telling a compelling story and miss the point of the question.


Some  free  tools that can aid you in your writing and editing processes

Bonus Tip

Helpful Writing Resources and Apps


Still have some questions about Kode With Klossy? Watch the recording of our info session to get them answered!

You can also bring your questions and work on your application with our team and alumni during our upcoming Study Hall sessions, March 23rd and April 7th from 8-9pm ET


You Got This!

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